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-My creative journey started when I was only 16. I enjoyed drawing, and therefore, I’ve often been told that I would become a designer. At that time, I didn’t even know what a designer was. I always had a creative soul, and this is why I decided to study Applied Arts as an option during high school (for 3 years) : in order to discover this field. And I quickly found my fit : product design !

When I was 18, I wanted to move to Paris and apply for the best Art Schools : I was looking for an opportunity to develop my skill set and figure out who I aspire to become. I soon secured a place at Olivier de Serres (ENSAAMA or ODS, Paris’s world-class school of applied arts and design). I studied for 4 years at ENSAAMA in BA Product Design. As I am always challenging myself, and getting out of my comfort zone : I was constantly looking for opportunities to make me progress. This is why I was participating to multiple design contests, and personal projects, in parallel to completing successfully my BA . This enabled me to back up University’s theoretical approach with some more hands-on exercises. I also attended lectures and design workshops, in order to crave my passion for design and learn about the professional world through the testimonies of experienced professionals.

Thanks to my diligence and ability to network, I have been selected to assist the outstanding designer Noé Duchaufour Lawrance as a junior furniture and packaging designer, for a 4 month contract.  After my BA, I pursued a MA, alongside working as a product designer for Kossi Aguessy. I really enjoyed working part time, it was a really enriching process, as my projects were nurturing each other. I graduated form my MA in 2016, and joined straight-after Servaire and Co as a product designer : my tasks involved packaging design for luxury perfume, cosmetic and spirit international brands, as well as interior design projects.


In 2016 I became head of design at Aguessy Life. I was in charge of the creation of new products, working on both the development of the product’s aesthetics and technicalities. Unfortunately
 he died one year later.

In 2017 I created my own brand of luxury diversified products made in France by craftsmen on order.  Exhibited end of 2017, the Khamai Collection opened in 2018.

I keep working for many different brands in various areas.